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Dec 12
"Here Comes The Boom"

Tangerine Moon Music, LLC & La Luna Tunes is pleased to announce that, "DOIN' IT RIGHT" a Steve Azar, AJ Masters, Tony Colton composition is featured in the New Kevin James, Salma Hayek & Henry Winkler film, "HERE COMES THE BOOM" ... Opening Friday, October 12th!!

Tangerine Moon Music's Spotlight: "Wishful Drinkin"

joezelek2 This month's Tangerine Moon Music Spotlight shines down on a song entitled, "Wishful Drinkin".  Written by TMM // La Luna Tune's, Tim Gaetano, Apothecary Records indie artist, Joe Zelek (www.joezelekband.com), and Jonny Houlihan of Calico Trail. (www.myspace.com/calicotrail).

The subject matter is heartache. The pain numbing antidote is, of course,  alcohol. The scene is most any town USA @ Joe's Bar & Grill. Your behind-the-bar host is none other than, Joe the bartender. The delusional fool is played by any one of us who has ever been broken in a million pieces by ... you guessed it, love. Pour all these ingredients in a dirty glass over a little cracked ice, shake, rattle & stir, and you have a top notch country weeper!

The song felt so real that by the time we finished writing it, even at 10:30 am, we were toasting our next hopeful hit with straight shots of scotch! Ahh, the life of hard-working songwriters in motion ... what's not to love!


The title, 'Wishful Drinkin' just sounds like a familiar big ol' hit. Joe's subtle intro guitar lick is so memorable that you find yourself waiting for it over & over again. The lyric neatly unfolds & tells a country sad story of a love sick fool who just won't let go. Our decision to present the song bare bones naked with Joe's lonesome vocal, acoustic guitar & a touch of harmony only further adds to the mood and feel of the song.

Country music at its finest, pure & simple.

So pour your favorite drink, sit back & give it a listen ... with your eyes closed! Enjoy!!



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National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
March is "National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month" ...
... Tangerine Moon Music, LLC (TMM), is shining a very "blue" spotlight down on all cancer patients, survivors, Dr.'s, researcher's, every family that has ever been touched by this disease and everyone that has ever given of themselves in the fight against cancer!

The "BE AWARE" theme song was written, performed and recorded in honor of all of these 'heros' past and present!

Cancer is all too often synonymous with a lethal forecast. The spotlight theme song, "BE AWARE" is our way of standing up and shouting out that the diagnosis of cancer is anything but a fatal forecast! The importance of early detection lies in listening to our bodies and knowing that in the face of this disease, along with modern medical technology & treatment, we can win the battle in our quest to fight & destroy this disease no matter what the diagnosis might be! It starts with all of us believing that the chains of cancer can be broken ... starting now ... once and for all!

I could fill this page with numbers, stats, percentages and many future projections ... but the bottom line is that this disease has a long history of taking the lives of people who mean the most to you and me ...

... Our great grandparents, our grandparents, our moms & dads, husbands & wives ... sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends ... more people than I care to give it credit for.  Cancer has no boundaries and is truly color blind.

As a two time cancer survivor, I am happy to say that, "I am living proof" that early detection does work! I urge you now to take the first step forward and help us in the fight to beat cancer once and for all ... in our life time!
Listen to the spotlight song of the month ... "BE AWARE" ... it just might save your life or someone that you love!
*Stars Go Blue for Colon Cancer
The CCA is now in gear for the 2nd Annual Stars Go Blue for Colon Cancer benefit concert to be held on March 23, 2010 at 7:00pm at the Loveless Barn in Nashville, TN. The concert will feature intimate and rare acoustic performances by some of country music's elite songwriters. Tickets are now available.
Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month:
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Spotlight :: Steve Azar

Steve Azar
"It is with great pleasure that, TANGERINE MOON MUSIC, LLC & La Luna Tunes' features as our opening 'spot-lite' act, one of our long time friends and 'great' recording artists, "STEVE AZAR."

Steve's brand new release, "MOO-LA-MOO" on 'RIDE RECORDS' will be (officially) released to Country radio on April 27th, with digital downloads available April 28th off of Steve's web-site,
www.steveazarlive.com !!

"MOO-LA-MOO" has already been lighting up the phones in some of Country radio's national 'test' markets!!
"MOO-LA-MOO" was co-written by Steve, Jim  Femino & La Luna Tunes' own, A.J. Masters!!
"MOO-LA-MOO" reminds us ... "there's still a little 'sunshine' at the end of this economic downturn!!"
Sing it loud Steve Azar ... I think I hear a Country smash!!!
Enjoy ... t
"Love Is A Hell Of A Thing"
Welcome to Tangerine Moon Music's Spot-Lite #2 ... A monthly feature previewing brand new songs from the catalog of Tangerine Moon Music, LLC & La Luna Tunes.

Find out the story behind the idea of some of TMM's coolest songs from some of TMM's hottest writers & co-writers!

Also, help us try and find a home for our “song-of-the-month!”  Leave us a suggestion (in our 'suggestion' box below) who you think the "best" artist would be to record our "song-of-the-month" ... We can use all the creative help we can get to find the "perfect" artist to sing our songs!!

This month's Spot-Lite shines down on a song written by La Luna Tunes' Tim Gaetano and Charry Lane's own Tony Ramey, called, "Love Is A Hell of a Thing." 

Originally written with a working title of, "Love Can Be A Beautiful Thing" which we quickly learned was way too close to Phil Vasser's single, "Love Is A Beautiful Thing." So, Tony & I did what any two writers would do ... We sat down one last time and tweaked here & tweaked there and eventually came up with the new title, "Love Is A Hell Of A Thing."

The new title fits the bluesy country vibe even better, and Tony's understated delivery is perfect!  Also, check out Brian Davidson's 'great feel' on electric & acoustic guitars.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!!
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