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Dec 12
"Love Is A Hell Of A Thing"
Welcome to Tangerine Moon Music's Spot-Lite #2 ... A monthly feature previewing brand new songs from the catalog of Tangerine Moon Music, LLC & La Luna Tunes.

Find out the story behind the idea of some of TMM's coolest songs from some of TMM's hottest writers & co-writers!

Also, help us try and find a home for our “song-of-the-month!”  Leave us a suggestion (in our 'suggestion' box below) who you think the "best" artist would be to record our "song-of-the-month" ... We can use all the creative help we can get to find the "perfect" artist to sing our songs!!

This month's Spot-Lite shines down on a song written by La Luna Tunes' Tim Gaetano and Charry Lane's own Tony Ramey, called, "Love Is A Hell of a Thing." 

Originally written with a working title of, "Love Can Be A Beautiful Thing" which we quickly learned was way too close to Phil Vasser's single, "Love Is A Beautiful Thing." So, Tony & I did what any two writers would do ... We sat down one last time and tweaked here & tweaked there and eventually came up with the new title, "Love Is A Hell Of A Thing."

The new title fits the bluesy country vibe even better, and Tony's understated delivery is perfect!  Also, check out Brian Davidson's 'great feel' on electric & acoustic guitars.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think!!
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Home Spotlight Love Is A Hell Of A Thing